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Amazing Visio 4.0

Amazing Visio is a toolset which improves drawings in Microsoft Office Visio
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Amazing Visio is a toolset which adds a set of eye-catching shapes (stencils), templates, file management and publishing options to Microsoft Office Visio.
It includes four tools which can be accessed directly from Visio interface:
Easy Publish saves the Visio drawings, giving the choice to convert them in Microsoft Word, Power Point or to publish them directly online.
Easy Merge helps to split or merge various drawings, being very helpful in a cooperative work environment. It can also be used to assign tasks or to check-out and check-in small pieces of drawings.
Easy Link integrates drawings, acting like a central management point for all the linked files. Bookmarks can be used to establish relations between various parts of the same drawing. All the links are kept in a repository for easy access.
Easy Stencil provides a large set of templates and shapes which significantly improves the graphic quality of the drawings.
In order to function properly, Amazing Visio needs Microsoft Office Visio 2000 or later installed. Internet Explorer 5 or later is also required for Easy Link.
Adding a lot of functionality to Microsoft Visio, Amazing Visio is a very handy tool for professional Office users.

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